Randomness for 7/9


1) Dungeons & Dragons and the Influence of Tabletop RPGs | Off Book | PBS Digital Arts Video

2) Camera allows you to see parkour from the POV of the traceur. Video.

3) Cartoon rejection rates at the New Yorker. Includes a TEDTalk of course because New Yorker.

4) A Visual Guide To The Mastery Of Kirk-Fu.

5) Extremely unfortunate spelling mistakes on Twitter.

6) How to live with introverts, a comic.

7) I need NEED to become an incredibly wealthy person solely so I can purchase one of these. My wife and kid can have one, too.

Randomness for 6/20


1) Criminals brag about their crimes on social media.

2) Disruptive technology is disruptive, Hollywood movie studio edition.

3) Super slo-mo video of a crossbow bolt passing through some very shaken-up soda bottles. Video.

4) What kind of person would do this to their dog? (Ridiculous but not heart-breaking)

5) A flying bicycle you would not want anyone to own.

6) A bank heist planned as an art project, on Kickstarter.

7) Brain science explains why police often don’t believe rape victims.

Randomness for 4/2


1) The obituary of England’s “King of the Cat Burglars.”

2) The major causes of death in the 20th century, visualized.

3) The Diagram Prize for the oddest book title of the year has been awarded.

4) The anatomy of Goofy, Mickey, Pikachu, and more. Warning: a little disturbing.

5) Paperback covers for Quentin Tarantino movies. Of course, no one does paperback covers like this any more, but they look great.

6) Japanese schoolgirls blast each other with the kamehameha wave, in still photos.

7) How to scramble eggs before you break the shell.

Randomness for 3/10


1) “World’s Greatest Armchair” refills your beer automatically.

2) Six Board Games That Ruined It For Everyone. We own three of the six games they recommend as replacement games, and they’re awesome.

3) Inventors can stop inventing now. The pinnacle of all technology has been achieved.

4) Women vs Tropes in Video Games: Damsel in Distress. Video.

5) You may only kill a Yeti in self-defence.

6) Garage full of art turns out to be worth $30 million.

7) A Mississippi newspaper addresses reader reaction to a story they ran on a same-sex marriage.

Randomness for 2/22


1) How a web designer got revenge on a company that wouldn’t pay its bills.

2) Okc_ebooks: Pick-up artists trying to chat up a robot horse.

3) Finding optimal marriage pairings using the assignment problem.

4) Forbes posts an infographic showing the effects of vaccines on morbidity.

5) “Invisible Man” artist has himself painted to camouflage himself into his environment.

6) The Venn Piagram

7) You, too, can become a robot!

Randomness for 6/20


1) 25 Ways to Tie a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes. Whether you care about scarves or not, it’s an entertaining video.

2) The Stephen King story universe flow chart.

3) Creepy married actor hits on model during flight. She tweets about it, bringing him more fame than he might have wanted.

4) I guess if you’ve already spent the money on the photos, you might as well do this. Er, #35 is “special.”

5) Starbucks name fail.

6) Political attack ads in Westeros.

7) The ten most ridiculous rules in first ed. D&D. I see that no one will acknowledge the elephant in the room: armor class. via Mike Cole

Randomness for 5/5


1) Avengers Mashup Movie Posters

2) Hard to believe it’s been 20 years.

3) Planet of the Apes Dance Remix. Video. Pure Awesome.

4) Mark Waid’s Thrillbent is live.

5) Bed Cartography. Not that this has any relevance to my life, not at all.

6) Alien vs. Predator, the infographic.

7) D&D co-creator Dave Arneson’s personal collection and archive to be auctioned.

Real life superhero in May Day Seattle


Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones (and his buddy Midnight Jack) were out among the crowds during yesterday’s May Day protests, and man don’t they look like self-aggrandizing fools. I’d always been vaguely sympathetic to the guy because he seemed to honestly want to do some good while avoiding the idiocy of other self-styled heroes, but this is just embarrassing.

And now Seattle has it’s own “social villain” calling Jones out. The video is pretty funny, to be honest.

Randomness for 3/17


1) The best of the worst of online fashion.

2) Horrible things donated to Goodwill. Absolutely NSFW.

3) Exposed to D&D Early in Life? A flowchart

4) Fan-made “Bella’s womb” made of felt. Of course it has a mutant fetus inside. Of course it does.

5) Japanese skater does parkour with his board. Video. Pretty amazing.

6) Camping tents that look like food. Call me when they make a tent that looks like something a bear wouldn’t want to bite.

7) Eleven tweets that led to legal action.