23 Sep 2013, 6:57am
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In Case You Need To Get Your Rage On

Multi-millionaire hedonist drug addict heir raises kids about as well as you could expect. It’s a #Longread, but it’s horrifying; the system failed these kids because the system can not stand up against money. Awful.

Randomness for 7/9

1) Dungeons & Dragons and the Influence of Tabletop RPGs | Off Book | PBS Digital Arts Video

2) Camera allows you to see parkour from the POV of the traceur. Video.

3) Cartoon rejection rates at the New Yorker. Includes a TEDTalk of course because New Yorker.

4) A Visual Guide To The Mastery Of Kirk-Fu.

5) Extremely unfortunate spelling mistakes on Twitter.

6) How to live with introverts, a comic.

7) I need NEED to become an incredibly wealthy person solely so I can purchase one of these. My wife and kid can have one, too.

Randomness for 6/20

1) 25 Ways to Tie a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes. Whether you care about scarves or not, it’s an entertaining video.

2) The Stephen King story universe flow chart.

3) Creepy married actor hits on model during flight. She tweets about it, bringing him more fame than he might have wanted.

4) I guess if you’ve already spent the money on the photos, you might as well do this. Er, #35 is “special.”

5) Starbucks name fail.

6) Political attack ads in Westeros.

7) The ten most ridiculous rules in first ed. D&D. I see that no one will acknowledge the elephant in the room: armor class. via Mike Cole

2 May 2012, 11:00am
The outside world:

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Real life superhero in May Day Seattle

Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones (and his buddy Midnight Jack) were out among the crowds during yesterday’s May Day protests, and man don’t they look like self-aggrandizing fools. I’d always been vaguely sympathetic to the guy because he seemed to honestly want to do some good while avoiding the idiocy of other self-styled heroes, but this is just embarrassing.

And now Seattle has it’s own “social villain” calling Jones out. The video is pretty funny, to be honest.

Randomness for 3/17

1) The best of the worst of online fashion.

2) Horrible things donated to Goodwill. Absolutely NSFW.

3) Exposed to D&D Early in Life? A flowchart

4) Fan-made “Bella’s womb” made of felt. Of course it has a mutant fetus inside. Of course it does.

5) Japanese skater does parkour with his board. Video. Pretty amazing.

6) Camping tents that look like food. Call me when they make a tent that looks like something a bear wouldn’t want to bite.

7) Eleven tweets that led to legal action.

Randomness for 12/21

1) How to make your own chocolate D&D dice.

2) The Invisible Mother in Victorian photographs.

3) Best Christmas Webcomic Ever: “Poop us some candy, poop man!”

4) I love light shows projected onto buildings, and this one is especially good. Video.

5) The Great Successor Is Right Over Here You Guys.

6) Worse than the bedmonster.

7) Scene from THERE WILL BE BLOOD with gaze locations: Video. Via Rod Ramsey.

Randomness for 12/5

1) 5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong More Than You Think

2) Awkward Christmas Photos.

3) Before and after Photoshop. (Hit the Toggle button)

4) Scholasticism of the Seventies.

5) Texts from Bennett. Hoh. Lee. Crap. via @laura_hudson

6) Skyrim reimagined as a Saturday morning cartoon in the 80′s. Video

7) Worst Nativity Sets. So many bad choices here, it’s tough to single out just one. Naked trolls? Bacon and sausage? Mexican mermaids? Damn, that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Randomness for 11/27

1) We Watch It For You: Rage of the Yeti. OMG, why didn’t anyone tell me this exists!

2) Walking through doors causes forgetting, study determines.

3) Ultra-serious Amazon.com reviewers take on pepper spray.

4) Reuters Best 100 Photos of 2011. Some of these are gorgeous. Some of these are difficult to look at.

5) Famous paintings with irreverent new titles.

6) “Twe-twe-2016!” A truly terrible trailer for a movie from Ghana. So awful and so compelling. Video.

7) The series bible for the old D&D cartoon.

Randomness for 8/20

1) Interview of a One-Year-Old Child. Video. Way funnier than it sounds.

2) Moebius did concept art for the movie WILLOW. Check out the art design that could have been.

3) Astonishing bike stunts in abandoned industrial facility. Video. Music’s nice, too.

4) Better Book Titles.

5) Everything you need to know about the video game industry in one graphic.

6) The 10 Most Brutal Moments in ‘The Savage Sword of Conan’!

7) A steampunk apartment.

Randomness for 8/12

1) Obscure names for 25 Everyday Things.

2) Ten things you didn’t know about the original Star Trek.

3) How Terry Gilliam did his cut out animations. Video.

4) The 16-bit Game of Thrones RPG (not really, but hilarious) Video.

5) How nightclub bouncers decide who to let in with only a glance.

6) Looking for a new status purchase to impress the gold-diggers in your life? Why not diamond-encrusted contact lenses?

7) JAWS done in the style of Peanuts.

Con (mis)behaviors

Seen via Sherwood Smith: Steve Miller wrote up a list of dos and don’ts for convention attendees.

It’s not really my thing, since I don’t attend conventions, but I figured you guys might be interested.

And so… a contest! Since my favorite thing about conventions is the stories of awful misbehavior that flow out of them like water from a leaking dam, I would like to hear YOUR best (worst) story of awful convention misbehavior. It has to be something you personally witnessed, not just something you heard about second-hand or watched on video (like the Ellison boob-grab).

Also, I’d like to avoid stories of actions that could have/did earn the perpetrator prison time, because that can be upsetting to many readers (including me).

The winner will be chosen by me, based on my own personal social hangups and anxieties, will win a complete set of all three Twenty Palaces novels, mailed to the library system (or other institution) of your choice.

Post your horror story in comments.

27 Apr 2011, 9:29am

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Let the rage begin

Here’s a news article that encapsulates so much of what is wrong with my country. Parents discover that high school English teacher writes racy novels.

Let’s start with the way it was written. The byline is “Staff” so I can only assume no one had a keyboard to type out individual sentences, since this reads like they tried to cut and paste the article from outraged emails. Maybe they could only use their mouse with the right click?

Let’s continue with the article itself: Why do these parents care what their teacher is doing in her free time? Times are tough and people need to make ends meet. If the woman has a second job, let her work.

Second, who cares if she’s teaching high school during the day? Is she reading erotica to her students in class? Is she pointing out the best porn sites on Tumblr (as opposed to letting the kids find that themselves)? No? Then STFU. If it bothers you that your kids know their teacher writes erotica, don’t tell your kids. It’s called having common sense.

What’s more, I remember being a teenager. I didn’t need any encouragement to think about sex in the classroom. I was a teenager! Thinking about sex was pretty much the only thing I was competent at.

What’s more, who cares if teens think about sex? Really, do you think you can control them that much? Quick note to those parents: When your teen rides in a car looking out the window, they’re thinking about sex. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s healthy. It’s what they’re supposed to do.

But of course I expect this poor woman to lose her job, since kicking around teachers is the new national sport.

Now I have to go back to this thing I’m supposed to be revising.

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